1938 Aston Martin Roadster – Restorative Detail

This 1938 Aston Martin Restorative Detail was given to us to complete by one of our best customers Auctions America / RM Sotheby's. As it was going to auction in a few months, it needed a complete restorative detail. The history to us wasn't clear - but it definitely...

Did you know? – Many Customers Trailer Their Cars to Us!

We have the opportunity to work on rare, unique automobiles. They aren't always driven to us - in fact, they are almost ALWAYS trailed to and from our detail...

CQuartz Finest & CQuartz Professional – The BEST in Ceramic Coatings!

We offer two amazing different coatings - both from the top of the line manufacturer CarPro. Contrary to other Manufacturers who spend their time on marketing - CarPro focuses on their product. Through frequent product updates, meticulous installer selection & a...

Porsche Carrera 4 Restorative Detail (Original Paint Saved)

1990 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 - Restorative Detail Before Photos As Shown :...


“The Difference is in the Details”

       ” I started Polishworks 6 years ago – to provide a higher standard of detailing & polishing for those who demanded quality. We now handle hundreds of vehicles per year & do more specialty polishing on multi-million dollar classic cars than anyone else in the Fort Wayne area. We are trusted and perform work on vehicles as delicate as Duesenberg & Vintage Ferrari, but remain versatile enough to offer competitive packages for Daily Drivers, which accounts for much of our work. “

Drew Thomas

Drew Thomas



Our Full Interior & Exterior Detailing Packages are custom suited for any situation – choose from an option below and book today! Polishworks reserves the right to make changes to any package below during the course of service.

Standard +

For Dirty Exteriors
  • Full Wash, Degrease of Wheel Well, Engine Bay & Jambs – Wheel Inner Barrels Cleaned
  • Exterior Decontaminated, Lightly Polished & Waxed
  • Interior Vacuumed & Wiped Down / Glass Cleaned
  • Tires, Trim & Engine Bay Dressed

Standard +

For Dirty Interiors
  • Full Wash, Degrease of Wheel Well, Engine Bay & Jambs – Wheel Inner Barrels Cleaned
  • Exterior Decontaminated 
  • Exterior Waxed to create a brilliant shine
  • Interior Meticulously Detailed from Top to Bottom – Cracks, Crevices, Glass, Leather / Upholstery / Carpets / Mats Deep Cleaned etc
  • Tires, Trim & Engine Bay Dressed 


We offer some of the most thorough and intensive polising packages available. Below you will see a few examples of work beyond detailing that we offer.

Custom Polishing / Paint Correction

For Removing Defects & Creating a Show Car Finish

Paint Protection Film

Keep Your Paint Looking New

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I make an appointment?

Generally we take appointments only a few days in advance and can get you in very quickly. Call (800) 241-3168 for more information.

Where should I dropoff my vehicle? Where are you located?

Our address is 4811 Jean Drive.  You may dropoff your vehicle at any time during our business hours from 9-6pm. We also have a key drop on our front door which allows you to drop off your vehicle whenever you please.

DIRECTIONS FROM COLISEUM BLVD – Turn onto Speedway Drive until you hit collins rd. Turn right onto collins and then your first left is Jean Drive. Turn left onto Jean and you will see our Polishworks sign.

When do I need to dropoff my vehicle?

You need to dropoff your vehicle by 9 am of the day of your scheduled appt. Generally, your vehicle will be able for pickup by late afternoon or 5 pm.

I'm excited, When can I pickup my car?!

A polishworks team member will arrange a pickup time/method for you by phone. He/she will call you and let you know a few hours in advance so that way you can make arrangements to pick up.