This 1938 Aston Martin Restorative Detail was given to us to complete by one of our best customers Auctions America / RM Sotheby’s. As it was going to auction in a few months, it needed a complete restorative detail. The history to us wasn’t clear – but it definitely looks like it was sitting for a while! Enjoy the before/after photos!

IMG 9535
IMG 9578
IMG 9545
IMG 9575
IMG 9543
IMG 9577
IMG 9552
IMG 9573
IMG 9548
IMG 9572
IMG 9546
IMG 9580
IMG 9540
IMG 9567Here we used a special Ph Neutral Gel that was agitated and gently cleaned the dash without being too aggressive. The gauges were lightly polished, but some pitting still remained. The steering wheel was cleaned with the same solution, however suffered a bit more permanent wear.
IMG 9587
IMG 9563There is so much disassembly required when polishing older automobiles. You really just can’t do it right without removing certain trim pieces.
IMG 9571
IMG 9538The leather interior was in good shape, before and even better shape after our PH neutral Gel — however the carpets had deteriorated beyond repair. However – They were properly cleaned & did show significant improvement.
IMG 9585
IMG 9533On a lot of pre-war cars, It seems to be simple to remove the valve covers & polish them out of the engine bay – so thats what we do!
IMG 9589

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