Exterior Wash & Wax – $149

  • Paintwork Cleansed & Degreased
  • Tires, Wheels & Wheel Wells Cleaned & Degreased
  • Application of Polymer Wax
  • Tires Dressed, Plastics Protected & Windows are cleaned

The best way to maintain and preserve your vehicle that has already been polished & protected by Polishworks Auto Detail is to have the paintwork thoroughly cleaned & protected. This Service is perfect for achieving a great shine – with a fast turn around time.


Polish & Protect Detail – $299

  • Paintwork Cleansed & Degreased
  • Tires, Wheels & Wheel Wells Cleaned & Degreased
  • Engine Bay Carefully Cleaned & Degreased
  • Paintwork Fully Decontaminated
  • Paintwork is Polished removing up to 40% of defects/scratches/swirls etc;
  • Paintwork is Sealed & Protected for up to three times as long as a traditional wax
  • Interior is Fully Vacuumed & Carpets are Scrubbed, Cleaned, Leather Conditioned
  • Glass is Cleaned, Cracks, Crevices and Door Jams are Meticulously Cleaned
  • Interior & Exterior plastics are Protected




This detail is perfect for the daily driver who demands an higher quality clean-up service. We recommend that this service is completed twice a year to daily driver vehicles to maintain a lasting shine, and clean interior.

**These prices are to give each customer a ballpark figure of what their detail may cost. Each vehicle we detail has different needs and therefore has to be tackled in different ways. These prices reflect “starting-at” costs. Thank you!